Today in the city Hobart 27.04.2018
'Mrs. Hyde' Seeks, But Does Not Find, Coherence

In this disjointed and bewildering French film, Isabelle Huppert plays a mousy schoolteacher who gains a more assertive — and occasionally lethal — persona after being struck by lighting.

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy phone might have three screens. Yes, three.

Samsung's upcoming flagship smartphone, unofficially dubbed the Galaxy X, is expected to incorporate a whopping three LED panels, reports The Bell (via Forbes).  When fully unfolded, two of the 3...

How Nintendo Could Sell Nearly 38 Million Switch by March 2019

Nintendo managed to just top its prediction of 15 million Switch sold in the fiscal year ending last month, bringing the total Switch sold to 17.79 million. And it thinks it can do much better in the...

Washington State to End Tax Exemptions for 'Green' Vehicles

The 7,500th environmentally friendly vehicle has been purchased in Washington state, ending the state's tax exemption program for clean-alternative fuel, electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Promiscuous monkeys are having sex with other species, research shows

Sex-mad monkeys have been bonking off with other species, creating an entirely new hybrid population of apes - and scientists are absolutely fine with it.

Can A Hybrid Look Good? Check Out The Latest Honda Insight!

What’s appealing about this new Insight is that it hardly differs from the concept car first revealed at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, a true sign that the designers were on the right track to start wit...

Latest Nintendo Switch hack can't be patched

The Nintendo Switch has been available to buy for a little over a year now, and unfortunately for Nintendo, the hybrid console just got hacked.

The F-35 has a basic flaw that means an F-22 hybrid could outclass it — and that's a big problem

Lockheed Martin proposed a new hybrid between the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning for Japan to purchase, and it could easily outclass the US Air Force.  The F-22 is unmatched as a stealth figh...

2019 Toyota Avalon Pricing Makes It Really Hard Not To Choose The Hybrid Version

Since it costs just $1,000 more, opting for the hybrid powertrain over the standard gas model of the 2019 Toyota Avalon is a no-brainer.

Lockheed to offer Japan stealthy hybrid aircrafts

American defense contractor Lockheed Martin plans to offer Japan a new hybrid stealth fighter jet. Two sources exclusively told Reuters the new plane would be based on Lockheed's export-banned F-2...

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